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I have my orders...

What are the requirements for housing eligibility?

You are eligible for privatized on-base housing at a Corvias Air Force base if you are an active duty service member assigned to the installation. Service members can be placed on the waitlist once you receive orders. Applications can be submitted through the website or in person by visiting the Community Office. After you complete the housing application, submit all required documentation and are verified by the Air Force Housing Office, you can then be placed on the appropriate list.

I have received orders to a Corvias Air Force base. When can I apply for on-base housing?

Service members are eligible to apply for on-base housing once they have received PCS orders.

How do I submit an online application?

An online application can be submitted through our website. You will be contacted by a member of our dedicated team regarding your application status. They will assist you in completing housing eligibility requirements and supporting documents to ensure your family experiences the improved quality of life provided at a Corvias Air Force base.

Can my spouse apply for housing on my behalf?

Yes, a non-military or dual military spouse may apply for housing on behalf of the sponsor/senior service member. The non-sponsor submitting the application must be named on the sponsor's power of attorney and present this document to the Corvias Community Office. The power of attorney must have specific verbiage. Please contact the Community Office for details.

I have a dual military household and my spouse is stationed at another installation. Can I apply for housing?

Dual service members are eligible for on-base housing. The BAH will be taken for the senior ranking service member at the with the dependant rate. The remaining BAH is yours to keep.

What determines the list I am placed on?

Your rank and the number of dependants will determine the size of your home, as well as the rank band of the home in which you will be placed.

For on-base housing purposes: The ranks E1 to E6 are considered to be Junior Non-Commission Officers (JNCO). The ranks E7 to E8 are considered to be Senior Non-Commission Officers (SNCO). The rank of E9 receives independent rank classification for housing. Officers, O1 to O3, and WO1 to CW3 are Company Grade Officers (CGO) CW4, O4 and O5's are Field Grade Officers (FGO). Officer ranks O6 are considered Senior Officers (SO) and ranks O7-O10 are considered General Officer (GO).

What type of documentation is needed to be placed on the waitlist?

  • Copy of most recent Form DD1172 (DEERS Enrollment) if family members are not listed on PCS orders
  • Confirmation of clearing present duty station (AF Form 227), or other services' equivalent form)
  • Copy of most current end of month LES
  • Current Power of Attorney (if applicable, please contact the Community Office for details)
  • Valid photo identification (upon personally visiting the Housing Office)

What will my wait time be?

Your wait time is determined by the number of vacant homes. The wait time given is an estimate and is subject to change. However, every effort will be made to find adequate housing as quickly as possible. Please check with the Community Office for updates.

I will be relocating to a Corvias Air Force base in 8 months. Can you tell me how long my family will have to wait for on-base housing?

Wait times vary and are available on our website. Please visit our website for more information about housing options and wait times as you approach your PCS date.

If I submit an online application, will housing be available when I arrive?

Once your application and all supporting documentation has been received and approved by the Community Office, you will be placed on the appropriate waitlist. Wait times and availability are subject to change based on vacancy status.

Can I designate someone to accept a home on my behalf or in my absence?

Yes, someone can accept a home for you (approve the assignment, sign the lease, and accept the keys). The individual acting on your behalf must be named on a power of attorney which specifically details your designee's authority to manage the assignment and termination of housing for you, sign the lease document on your behalf, and start/stop your allotment for housing.

Who will pay for my family's move if I am an incoming service member?

The move will be a government transportation move.

I've lived off base for a year now and would like to apply for on-base housing. Who will pay for my move?

The government pays for one move when assigned to the installation. Any subsequent moves are the resident's responsibility.

Can you tell me more about the lease agreement?

Yes, each service member living in family housing is required to sign a lease. The lease is valid for 12 months and renews month-to-month unless PCS, ETS or retirement orders require earlier termination. A power of attorney must be provided by the spouse if a service member is not available to sign. The power of attorney must contain specific wording. Please contact the Community Office for details if the service member is not available to sign. It is accompanied by a Resident Responsibility Guide (RRG) that outlines policies, responsibilities and expectations when living on-base.

When will I have to sign the lease agreement?

Incoming families will sign the lease when a house is accepted.

How much will I pay to live on base?

Under the privatization program, rent is equal to your BAH and BAH is based on rank.

Do you allow pets, and how many?

Yes, a Corvias Air Force base is a pet-friendly installation. There is a two-pet limit and each pet is subject to a $200 refundable pet deposit per pet. Exotic pets, such as monkeys, snakes, etc. are not permitted. In addition, Corvias has adopted the Air Force policy on banned/aggressive breeds. The Community Office can provide you with a copy of this policy or you can find it online here.

Do the homes come equipped with fencing?

Not all homes come equipped with a fence. For more information, please contact your Community Office.

Is there a waitlist for the newly constructed homes?

At this time, Corvias does not have a waitlist specifically for newly constructed housing. Our newly constructed homes are used for relocation of families displaced by renovations on base.

Will Air Force families be responsible for their utility costs?

The Department of Defense has issued a policy that will require families to eventually assume responsibility for excessive utility usage. It also provides an opportunity for residents to earn cash rebates as a reward for conserving energy. This program is not currently active at a Corvias Air Force base. We will keep residents informed well ahead of the activation of any utility monitoring programs. More information can be found at the Community Office.

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